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A magazine from 1000 years in the future, the Galactic Geographic is unique among graphic novels.

Mankind is exploring the galaxy, finding undreamed of wonders
and civilizations. Our exploration partners are the Noron, a starfaring aquatic species; the Tsailerol, tripodal blue creatures whose emotions are provided by sensory symbiotes who live on their heads; and the mysterious WO from the edge of our galaxy.

Published by Paper Tiger Books, The Galactic Geographic is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Millennium Starship

Meeting the WO


Passing of the Airwhales

The Mighty Virus

Federation Astromining

Myhr Zookeeper

Planning- Myhr Zoological Gardens
Tsailerol Sector

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Preview the new Galactic Geographic-Earth edition

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Unpublished Galactic Geographic images

Space Tourism

Cat and Mouse

Rope Makers' World


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